Stay out of it你别插手

Stay out of it是什么意思

Stay out of it是你别插手的意思。

Stay out of it的使用场合

当你不希望对方插手某事的时候,你就可以跟对方说:stay out of it你别插手这件事。

看一段与Stay out of it相关的对话

谷歌:It was just a casual fling.那不过是偶尔的放纵(逢场作戏而已)。

厦门SEO:So what? Du Niang is still cheating on you.那有怎么样?度娘还是欺骗了你。

谷歌:This is between me and Du Niang. Stay out of it.这是我跟谷歌之间的事情,你别插手。



与Stay out of it类似的表达还有

It is none of your bussiness.这不关你的事。

You’d better not meddle with other people’s affairs.你最好不要掺合别人的事。

I don’t want to have a hand in her personal affairs.我不愿过问她的事。

Always keep your hand off something not about yourself.永远不要插手与你无关的事情。

You have no right to butt in other’s private issue.你无权过问别人的私事。



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